Character Cape

Rob O'Neill of "Blank" is sharing here his knowledge of how to make a basic character cape by implementing pins, collisions, forces, and one little script....


Hanging Laundry

In this first tutorial from Syflex, you get to try the very basics of the cloth simulator. Well, that is, if you have it. Otherwise, you can just watch (there are some movies, too).


Deforming Skin

Quebec based TD, Jean-Francois Fortin is using syCloth in syFlex 3.0 to make skin. In this tutorial, you can also get a glimpse of Jean-Francois's muscles system.


Flickering Flag

This tutorial combines a basic flag animation, with a displacement map trick from TD Haim Sarusi, adding a rippling effect, cheaply.


Using SyFlex as a Deformer

This free lesson from Digital Tutors will teach you how to set up simple SyFlex objects to drive more complex geometry using a Wrap Deformer.


Rendering SyFlex Cloth as a Sub-D Surface

This free lesson from Digital Tutors shows you how to set up SyFlex cloth on a surface and then render the surface as a sub-divisional surface.


Cloth Simulation with SyFlex

3D artist Mauro Frau goes through some SyFlex techniques. Although the tutorial refers to XSI, non-xsi artists might also find it useful.


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