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Syflex is an extremely fast cloth simulator with a simple user interface.
For instance on an intel i5 (quad-core, 3.1GHz) a 10.000 vertices cloth with 16,000 vertices collision object runs at 25 fps.
Syflex now allows to sew flat panels together to model even more realistic clothes.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a few movies are...
Here are animations that users quickly created using Syflex in Lightwave. They illustrate what the plugin can do.

Wine-derful animation from Vincent Paris at Le Jardin Digital.
Vincent used a hidden (not renderable) object for the collision. This is often a good solution, as the object used for rendering might require a higher resolution.
PS: Yes, this is a Bordeaux.

Realistic animation from David Ridle for a scene of the movie The Conjuring.
He used wind and an invisible geometry. Don't miss the wireframe rendering: it explains how the animation was done.

A cloth simulation gallery always includes a Dancing Girl. Thank you Joseph Hinrichs!

Steve White shows that Syflex can also be used for soft bodies. You can see in the demo that the simulation is not pre-computed, but is instead computed on the fly, allowing the artist to tweak the parameters.

Hair animation from Vincent Paris, using flat strands.

And so many more!
"Syflex is really a nice extension to Lightwave, with exactly what I have been waiting for this kind of plugin: extremely simple to use, powerful and stable. It is astounding to see how so few parameters are doing such a great job!"

 - Vincent Paris, Le Jardin Digital

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