SyFlex in The Spiderwick Chronicles

Syflex in Spiderwick

Syflex in Spiderwick

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Tippett Studios


We asked Rosa Lin, Lead FX animator on "The Spiderwick Chronicles" at Tippett studios, how Syflex was used on the film:

Rosa Lin:

"For all shots but a few with Hogsqueal and Red Cap, we did their coats using Syflex cloth. Those few exceptions were a hand animated bound coat. Sometimes, in some areas, we had to blend in a non-simmed coat that was bound to the character."
"The invisible barrier surrounding the house was done using Syflex flesh."
"Being the first time we had to do so many cloth shots for one show, we had to build a cloth pipeline from scratch. After considering a couple other options, we chose Syflex to build it around, because it gave us the most control, the fastest sim times, and the most visually pleasing results."


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