SyFlex in "The Sandbox"

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Image courtesy of Kory Juul


Independent Short Film


Production Studio: Meticulous
Director: Kory Juul
Producers: John Athayde & Angie Athayde-Stevens
Released: September 2005


Kory Juul used SyFlex in the creation of his short film, The Sandbox. The film will premiere on September 11th at the ArcLight for the LA shorts Fest. Congratulations, Kory!


Kory was quite pleased with how SyFlex performed for his production. Here is what he wrote to us after completing his film:

"The reason we really pushed to use SyFlex was for its speed. I did the whole 5 min CG short on my laptop and could only afford 1 pass of cloth per shot. We knew, due to looming deadline, that we would have to take what the sim gave us. So we needed something fast and reliable and tweakable after. I basically ran a sim, smoothed the polys, and used the artisan sculpt poly tool to fix any minor intersection issues. It worked great and I was able to do, as you may remember, about 20 cloth sims in 1 night - on a laptop! It just rocked and did exactly what we needed. I already knew SyFlex could generate photo-real results, but what we needed was those great results with little horsepower and an extremely tight deadline -- to our relief, SyFlex excelled on all fronts."


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